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Rachel Stone


Hello Friends!

Today I’d like to share some simple winter homemaking with you. The art of homemaking has been on my heart lately and with the slow season we’ve enjoyed this winter I’ve had some time to think about what it is you and I do each day in our homes, and the effect it has on others.

Have you thought about the word “Homemaking?”

The “making” part of that word indicates something created. Have you even thought that you are a creator of a home? Through the simple, repetitive daily tasks you are creating beauty, peace, welcome, and security for family and friends. Practically speaking you can create beauty by arranging a simple bouquet of flowers in a lovely vase or, as I have here, an antique teapot. I’ve found that it is important to use your favorite things. Your “best” things. This teapot is probably over 100 years old and has a large crack in the bottom. Instead of setting it on a shelf to gather dust, every once in a while I use it as a vase. To protect the teapot the flowers are placed in a drinking glass, then slipped inside the teapot. These pinks and fushias against the soft blue look so pretty together.

The way we keep our homes sends a message to those who live there, and to those who come to visit. This got me thinking… What message am I sending? As homemakers, we have the unique opportunity to make members of our family feel loved. And sometimes it’s the simplest things that speak love. As simple as it sounds, I’ve been reminded that preparing yummy, hot food makes my man feel loved. This has renewed my desire to meal plan, pack him healthy lunches, and keep a well-stocked pantry.

What are some ways you can make your family members feel loved? Making an intentional, specific investment in others is one way I’ve found to send the message that I love them. One way I do this is by making a quilt designed for that person. The colors, the theme, and the quilt pattern are carefully chosen to match that persons color preferences, season of life, or home style.

This quilt was designed for a baby boy and matches the nursery theme his Mama has chosen. Finding just the right fabrics, colors, and patterns is incredibly fun! Watching the quilt take shape from something imagined to a finished gift is a fascinating, satisfying process! What ways have you found to specifically invest in others?

Knowing the “why” behind what you do gives the best staying power”.


I hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start and you find time to create a home of love, peace, and welcome for your family & friends. Until next time,

Take care,



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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

19 thoughts on “Winter Homemaking Cottage Style”

  1. Sweet wonderful to see and hear you. Thank you for sharing your time, talents and thoughts . The orange muffins look delieious. How you set all the ingredients out and the different measuring tools you used were quite lovely and interesting. The quilt you are making for your sister is going to be beautiful. That is so sweet of you to make it for her precious baby girl. Yes, it is so important to slow down and show others love and attention. Thank you for reminding us . Once again, welcome back. All the best…Melanie Fay

  2. What a lovely video, Rachel. Thank you so much. Even after 50 years of homemaking I appreciate the inspiration!

  3. So good to have you back. You are an inspiration in all you share with us. The quilt pattern is gorgeous and will be so beautiful when you get it completed. So good to see you and read your blog. 💕🙏

  4. This video is so lovely! Thank you for creating a wonderful reminder about simple things that bring joy as well as intention to our homes. I appreciate your efforts very much. Blessings on your home and your hearts.

  5. I just love your slow , simple presentation… weather baking or quilting or decorating. You have a calming, tranquil spirit. I collect blue and white old dishware, and was crushing on your square dish and also the octagonal one on the counter when you were flower arranging. I have the tiny little round blue one and actually found a round glass olive oil jar with the copper spout that fits in it like they were made for each other!!!! It’s beautiful on my kitchen counter, and I use it everyday! As for cooking for your man… my spouse has been gone now for 23 years. But he was a truck driver,,, and said when he was tired and on his way home… all he could think of was the chocolate cake waiting under the glass dome on the counter. That,and a glass of milk and he was one content man. So I always had something under the dome. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate layer cake ( his favorite) , muffins, pastries. Just loved how much he loved it. I think I will make a batch of muffins in his honor today. Something I really do now since I live alone. Thanks for inviting me into your sweet, cozy kitchen and reminding me.

    • It is a blessing to hear of other ladies who make it a priority to take care of their homes and families. Thank you for sharing, Miss Liane!

  6. Rachel, always lovely to see your sweet face and to be inspired by you on how to make my house even more loving and homey for my family.

  7. Rachel, I have looked many times for a new video over the past few weeks. So excited to see you back and I’m looking forward to your sweet spirit and beautiful home ideas to come! I’ve missed you! Sweet blessings…

  8. I enjoyed this so much, congratulations to your sister and that quilt is so pretty. Have a wonderful day.

  9. I wondered where you were. I love your videos and have watched them all. A few more than once. Your calm demeanor and soft-spoken style are soothing. I ordered the brass faucet and drawer knobs from the vendor you linked in your kitchen makeover. I love it. My house is not built yet, but I am certainly going to enjoy seeing my faucet with a beautiful farm sink in my new home. Thank you, Rachael. I would love to see more of your business, your makeovers, your day in the life, just anything you want us to know about you. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us.

    • Good afternoon, Miss Debbie!
      Matt & I appreciate your faithful support of all we do here at the Stone Cottage Home. Thank you for being here for all that we share. How delightful that you were able to find the faucet and drawer knobs you liked for your future home! It’s always fun to know these things when our viewers share. Thank you for the feedback about the video as well. This helps us create what our viewers want to see most. Have a lovely day!

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