Winter Cottage Clean & Decorate with Me!

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Rachel Stone

Are you missing the fullness of the holiday décor, but ready for some brain space & maybe some room space? Today let’s tackle our main living spaces: cleaning, and decorating simply as we go.

My goal is a quick, clean sweep with light decorating in blues, creams, and touches of green in the cottage style we love.

And here’s my challenge: we will be using the décor we already have! Yep you heard me, we’ll tidy and simplify our spaces without spending anything! Let’s start in the living room. Here is the mantel as it was decorated for the Christmas season. Time to clear this away, remove the dust, and replace it with some simple, neutral décor.

A quick, simple refresh with strong English vibes ~ love it!

As I move through each space I try to toss items that have seen their best day. This is a quick way to give each area a simple facelift.

Once the mantel was done I moved on to the tree, removing ornamentsand ribbon. Then Matt took the tree outside (since it was a real tree and quite crispy) to remove the lights. I vacuumed up the needles, folded up the tree skirt, and packed away the ornaments. Then Matt and I placed the furniture back where it belonged.

You will remember in the fall when I discovered this brass lamp in the thrift store for about $10. The shade isn’t in the best shape with cracks, dents, and a place where the bulb scorched the inside of the shade. But since this is a double candle lamp it requires a special oval shape that is hard to find. I’ve kept my eye out for weeks for something in better condition. 

I was beginning to think I’d have to get a custom shade made when… One day back in December, while thrifting, I came across a nice pleated oval shade in great shape for less than $4! This is a great improvement and fit nicely in the budget. So much better!

Next I moved into the dining room and removed the Christmas décor from the hutch. The white ironstone plates I rearranged slightly since they would make the perfect backdrop for a simple blue and white wintery cottage look.

The faux gently frosted lavender plant echoes the plant on the mantel and brings a touch of life to the space.

Lastly I moved into the kitchen. I’m most excited to refresh this since I received an antique Blue Onion salt cellar from my Mother-in-law for Christmas! I cleaned the mirror over the stove, polished all the blue Spode spice jars, then hung the salt cellar. How cheery and inviting this area is now!

To continue the blue and white theme I added a small planter with a real English ivy to the kitchen windowsill. The copper pan was thrifted back in the fall for about $2.00. The ironstone pitcher I discovered in over the summer for $1.00. Since I do spend time at this window every day I love creating a homey, happy feeling to enjoy.

Thank you for joining me today as we cleaned, refreshed, and decorated our main areas for the winter season. Remember, it is important to cultivate the art of your home, working to make it the best it can be in every season!

Until next time, take care,


Photo of author
Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

10 thoughts on “Winter Cottage Clean & Decorate with Me!”

  1. It looks beautiful! I love winter decor. Keeps the house from feeling gloomy after Christmas decor gets put away.

    • Thank you, Annie!
      I agree, having some sort of décor is welcome after all the bright, full Christmas décor is put away. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I also go for greens and blues in my winter decor. The red will come back out for summertime but I keep it put away for winter, Lent, and Easter/spring. Red is my favorite colorand it is easy for me to overdo it. 🤭 But it does go nicely with patriotic, autumn, and Christmas decorating, so I make the most of it then. All of your blue and white dishes are just lovely.

    • Hello Miss Kristyn!
      Blues and greens are classic & timeless! Your red décor plans sounds perfect! This past Christmas season I began collecting the red transferware dishes & had the same thought as you… it could be used at Valentine’s, the 4th of July, as well as during autumn and Christmas. Such versatile décor! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So very pretty Ms. Rachel. I too have a collection of blue and white ware, along with some cobalt blue glassware. Just thrifted items and gifts to me.
    I wanted to include these in my winter decor this year. I too am putting away Christmas decor, so this was a special highlight for me, to get to see how you decorated with your blue and white.
    I loved it. It is so tastefully done and pleasing to the eye.
    Thank you for all your hard work for your viewers. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Good morning, Miss Kathy!
      Your collection of blue & white sounds lovely, I’m glad you found the video inspiring ~ that’s my goal! Thank you for taking the time to stop by & visit as well as your kind words!
      Have a lovely day!

  4. I really enjoyed your video. My kitchen doesn’t have a window, a sliding glass door by the table. I have cherry red drapes there so I don’t use blue often, however I absolutely love the idea of the space over the stove having spice jars. Looks like I’ll be checking out thrift sites for a small shelf. Thank you for the wonderful idea. 💕

    • Hello Miss Luana!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit! Your cherry red drapes sound so cheerful!
      Yay for kitchen décor and function inspiration ~ I hope you find just what you’re looking for!

  5. So glad to see another video! I turned it on and cleaned my kitchen along with you…the cleaning went so quickly while listening to you. The blue and white theme you have is always so lovely, that salt cellar is a treasure. Recently there have been some very specific items that I would love to decorate my home with but cannot fit in my budget for full price and then viola, there they are, sitting on a shelf at the thrift store for a couple of dollars the next time I go. I had looked for these vintage brass grouse figurine paper weights to match a grouse picture I have for the fall. Very unique I know, but I thought they would go perfect. On Ebay they are listed for at least $30+ for 2. I thought, I will NEVER find those at the thrift store, they are too unique. A couple of weeks later, at the bottom of a cart, (I had to dig!) there were two vintage brass grouse salt and pepper shakers that looked exactly like the paperweights, for a couple of dollars a piece. What are the odds! It was the best feeling ever to find those!

    • Good morning, Joanna!
      I’m thrilled you found inspiration and company as you cleaned your kitchen! Your little brass grouse paperweights sound charming. Don’t you just love how the thrift stores pay off when we’re patient?! You’re right, it is a great feeling! Have a lovely, cozy day.

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