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Rachel Stone

So… Matt & I were talking the other day about how to live well. The ideas behind this are fascinating and surprising. Living well can be defined in so many ways. In American culture, it can be defined by the things you own, your level of income, the amount of travel you’ve done (or can do), or possibly your level of education.

How ever it’s defined we have noticed through life that there are those in challenging situations who seem happy, and those living in ease and abundance who seem miserable. This is such an important life lesson to learn from! We all live in different circumstances and have different homes, incomes, skill levels, education, and opportunities. But we can all choose to do the best we can with what we’ve got. Thinking big and living big is doing the best you can with what you’ve got. We can all think big and live big!

You Have Options: Living big requires you to think big. A good mindset is imperative. Question your mindsets. Are you as limited as you think? Are there ways you can improve your life and the lives of others around you? There are more options than are readily obvious. What opportunities do you have right now? What opportunities can you create in time? Some opportunities come along naturally, others you can get rolling now!

Creating Your Opportunites:

In our little 1963 brick home, we’ve been applying this “think big, live big” concept for the last several years. Our patio was a prime opportunity. It was tired-looking and not very inviting. We decided to spruce it up with a lot of paint, elbow grease, and simple DIY projects. If you want to read about the entire process click here. This project took us several late evenings and a couple of weekends, but oh, the pay-off!

Here is the after photograph. The patio is now an inviting, relaxing place to be. Sure, we spent some money, but mostly it was time and work. This was an opportunity right in front of us at the time. What opportunities are before you? The point is to do what you can. Being a good steward of what you’ve been given is so rewarding!

Accepting Your Opportunities:

Sometimes we create our opportunities, other times they just appear. If we’re attentive and savvy we can make the most of them and amazing things happen!

In late winter 2023, Matt & I were remodeling our living room and I was hoping to replace our 1980s teal and pink seashell loveseat. It was a generous gift in the first year of our marriage. It was comfy and the right size, but that’s where the good points stopped…

I also had a French settee that was the first piece of furniture I bought after graduating college. It was delicate, had a good frame, nice enough upholstery, and I had paid $140. Over the years my style changed & I found myself not using it, or enjoying it. It was a nice piece so, I posted it on Marketplace for $180 and it sold after a few weeks! With this cash in hand, I began looking for a loveseat more our style on Marketplace.

This gorgeous highback loveseat popped up for $125. The style was much more English country, the size perfect, plus (as I learned later) it was a high-quality piece with custom upholstery and a foam/feather-filled seat cushion! It was even more beautiful in person. It not only perfectly fits our space, but it’s incredibly comfortable.

The difference is amazing, and a great encouragement to keep your eyes open and make the most of the opportunities that come up for all of us along the way! I hope this post has given you some ideas on where to start thinking and living big in your home!



Photo of author
Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

16 thoughts on “Think Big, Live Big”

  1. Great message today! Love sharing how you found a way to sell furniture not working for you anymore and using those dollars to buy what works for you now. Love your advice!

  2. That was excellent we are retired. Our idea of living big is large dollar tree flower pots filled with brightly colored flowers as we sit and have a morning coffee, listening to the birds sing while we plan out our day.

  3. Thanks for this post. After watching what you did in your back yard started me thinking of mine and I have rearranged it to look much better.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    My husband and I love antiques and cottage/farmhouse style. We find many antiques at thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity. We were just given an antique desk, chair and cedar trunk. Can’t sit to get them home to style them in our home.

  5. Your blog helped inspire me to redecorate in English Country Cottage style after my daughter gifted me two pieces of furniture with a dark finish and ornate details. I love your videos and I have learned that this style is very forgiving and allows you to use many different pieces and patterns to create a collected look over time. I also have redecorated by simply using Facebook Market Place and the local thrift stores after being encouraged by your many great finds thrift shopping as well. It is my favorite pastime looking for treasures. My home is now cozy and makes me feel so happy. Thank you for your inspiration

    • How wonderful to know you were inspired to redecorate via our blog! The furniture your daughter gave you sounds beautiful. Yes, you’re right this English country style is versatile and easy to work with. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, Miss Patrice!

  6. I love how you can sell something that is not working for you anymore, and replace it with something you LOVE, and usually have more money when you are done. Isn’t Facebook Market Place AMAZING!

    • I completely agree, it’s amazing what you can swap out for the treasures you find on Marketplace!

  7. Rachel, I just adore you and your style. And the loveseat is absolutely perfect! I have been keeping an eye out for one similar. Love the toile fabric.
    I find your videos so calming and so helpful. I recently purchased a pair of lamps, blue and white, which immediately made me think of you.
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

    • Thank you for the kind comment, Miss Cathy!
      I’ve seen at least four or five other loveseats like mine on Marketplace (the most recent one was $50!). It’s encouraging to know you find the videos helpful. Your lamps sound beautiful. Thank you for being a part of our Stone Cottage Home family!

  8. Thank you for your reminder to make the best with what we already have been blessed. Why would our Heavenly Father give us more if we’re not grateful and good stewards of what He has alre

  9. I loved your examples and am enjoying following your home’s transformation. After I put my ceramic Easter village away, I “shopped my home” and gathered part of my ceramic bird collection (thrifted, yard sale, and antique shops) to arrange on the cabinet below the new-last-year large screen TV. It currently cost me nothing and reinforces my love of birds (our hummers are back!) as spring has finally come back to Maine! I treated myself to a tulip bush at Michael’s to put on my kitchen table in one of my beloved milk glass vases. Oftentimes these little touches give me such joy even though financial outlay was minimal!

    • This is it! Making the best you can with what you’ve got with a happy heart is what counts!
      Thanks for sharing Miss Kathy!

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