From Pieces to Outfits ~ Using Your Capsule Wardrobe

Hello everyone! By popular demand I’m sharing today’s post on how to create outfits from the pieces in your capsule wardrobe. I hope you enjoy this look-book & get some fresh ideas ~ I discovered some “new” outfits myself! I had my eye out for a couple tops that I could wear without layering during … Read more

Define Your Style ~ Basics for a Classic Capsule Wardrobe

I’m excited once again to invite you to join forces with me to help our last client in this capsule wardrobe “practice” series. Allow me to introduce Miss Susan Parker, an elementary music teacher! Susan is a practical, studious type that can come across as rather serious. Until she’s in her element! Then her playful … Read more

Define Your Style ~ Basics for a Romantic Capsule Wardrobe

Define Your Personal Style ~ 10 Romantic Basics for Your Capsule Wardrobe  Hello everyone! Welcome to the second post in our series. In the first post we created a sleek, Parisian capsule wardrobe for Madame Chic. Today we come to the aid of a lovely gentle lady needing help in adding a few core basics … Read more