Affordable Cottage Decor: What to Buy at Thrift Stores

Hi, friend! Do you dream of transforming your home into a cozy, charming cottage without breaking the bank? You’re in the right place! Today I’m sharing some ideas of what to buy at thrift stores, or second-hand online, for cottage style decor. With its unique blend of rustic charm, and vintage flair, cottage style decor … Read more

Reframing Vintage Art ~ Matching Frames & Artwork

“Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch…” OK, in all seriousness, have you ever found a great piece of art you love, but the frame is not your style? Or have you seen a stunning frame, but the art was terrible? Finding vintage (or quality) artwork from the … Read more

Red and White Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

red and white transfer ware dishes being used for christmas decor

Are you looking for that traditional, classy look for your Christmas decor? The simple sophistication of red and white decor is an easy way to create that cozy and timeless look for the holidays. Below are some easy tips for getting this look in your home. Red and White Christmas Decor Home Tour 2022 Red … Read more

Entry Table Christmas Decor 3 Ways

traditional foyer table Christmas decor

Entry Table Christmas Decor Ideas Do you have a table in your entryway or foyer that you want to decorate for Christmas? Today we will share 3 simple entry table Christmas decorating ideas. We picked 3 different Christmas decor styles to give you inspiration. We will start with a winter wonderland theme, then create a … Read more

Cozy Cottage Christmas Decorating Ideas

small real christmas pine tree in a crate

Looking for inspiration to decorate your home for the Christmas season? We will explore cottage Christmas decor ideas that can give your home a delightfully cozy feeling for the holidays. From homemade Christmas ornaments to a woodland decorated tree, please browse these 17 ideas for cottage Christmas decor. Handmade Christmas Ornaments and Decor #1 Frosted … Read more