Cozy Cottage Christmas Decorating Ideas

small real christmas pine tree in a crate

Looking for inspiration to decorate your home for the Christmas season? We will explore cottage Christmas decor ideas that can give your home a delightfully cozy feeling for the holidays. From homemade Christmas ornaments to a woodland decorated tree, please browse these 17 ideas for cottage Christmas decor. Handmade Christmas Ornaments and Decor #1 Frosted … Read more

How to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall

Do you want your home to be a cozy, welcoming retreat without stress, or expense? What if I shared with you simple, free, ways to create a homey, inviting home for fall? Creating a cozy home is a tactile experience. It appeals to sight, sound, scent, touch, and emotion. There are easy, realistic ways to … Read more

Small Cottage Bath Remodel ~ Full Tour!

Are you looking for simple DIY projects, and home decor items to add cottage charm to your bathroom on a budget? If so, today I’ll take you shopping for specific cottage style decor items from my list, then we’ll tackle our DIY projects. Finally, we’ll stock, style, and tour the finished bathroom! I have been … Read more

Winter Cottage Clean & Decorate with Me!

Are you missing the fullness of the holiday décor, but ready for some brain space & maybe some room space? Today let’s tackle our main living spaces: cleaning, and decorating simply as we go. My goal is a quick, clean sweep with light decorating in blues, creams, and touches of green in the cottage style we … Read more

Cottage Style Christmas Home ~ Shop & Decorate with Me!

Hello friend! Come shop & decorate with me today as we celebrate the Christmas season with cottage style thrifted & antique home décor~ and a vintage inspired cocoa tray! My theme this year is classic red and green with the whimsy of old fashioned toys and musical instruments. I will be looking for red transferware … Read more