Reframing Vintage Art ~ Matching Frames & Artwork

“Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch…” OK, in all seriousness, have you ever found a great piece of art you love, but the frame is not your style? Or have you seen a stunning frame, but the art was terrible? Finding vintage (or quality) artwork from the … Read more

Red and White Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

red and white transfer ware dishes being used for christmas decor

Are you looking for that traditional, classy look for your Christmas decor? The simple sophistication of red and white decor is an easy way to create that cozy and timeless look for the holidays. Below are some easy tips for getting this look in your home. Red and White Christmas Decor Home Tour 2022 Red … Read more

How to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall

Do you want your home to be a cozy, welcoming retreat without stress, or expense? What if I shared with you simple, free, ways to create a homey, inviting home for fall? Creating a cozy home is a tactile experience. It appeals to sight, sound, scent, touch, and emotion. There are easy, realistic ways to … Read more

Why You Don’t Want a Pinterest Perfect Home

Hello friends! Today I have a thought-provoking post and video to share: Why you don’t want a “Pinterest Perfect” home. First, let’s define what a “Pinterest perfect” home is. It is the pictures you see on Pinterest, Instagram, home improvement shows, and home decor books and magazines. This home, while incredibly beautiful, isn’t real. The … Read more

Mixing Farmhouse & Cottage Styles ~ Tips for Transition

Are you wanting to mix farmhouse and cottage styles, or to move away from the farmhouse entirely? You are stumped with where to start and don’t want to waste money, or end up with decor that doesn’t work? In this post I’ll share my top three tips for blending to styles smoothly, and economically. Sources … Read more

How to Curate Your Interior Design Style

Hello friends! Curated home decor. Gathered over time. These phrases are probably familiar to you, and you’ve probably use them yourself. But how do you achieve the reality of what these phrases mean? Exactly HOW do you curate your design aesthetic “over time”? Today I’m excited to share with you a few tips I’ve picked … Read more