Summer Homemaking ~ Ordinary is Beautiful

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Rachel Stone

Have you ever noticed that once you begin thinking about something, you begin to see it everywhere you look? One example is when you buy a new, “new-to-you” car and then you see that car everywhere?

Well, I’ve been thinking about the daily~ness of homemaking that can seem dull and dreary ~ if you let it. Finding beauty in the ordinary is, at its core, a mindset game and in practice, a simple concept to rewrite.

The truth is beauty is all around us, we simply need to retrain our thinking so we can see and create daily beauty. There are two sides to finding beauty in our daily lives. One is to look for beauty, and the other is to create beauty. The first step is to train yourself to look for the beauty around you and no one is better at this than a child. Children naturally observe and enjoy beauty since many things are still “new” to them. Take a cue from a child and choose to see the world through fresh eyes.

The beauty around us can be seen in a sunrise, blooming flowers, a hot, fluff quiche cooling on the stove, or fresh linens neatly stacked in the cupboard.

Several ordinary things that I enjoy daily are in my kitchen. The creamy white ironstone soap holder with the block of French milled soap, and the little wooden bristle scrub brush make a lovely trio and brighten the daily task of doing dishes. Ordinary things/tasks are beautiful.

Maximize Beauty

As we’ve talked about before the function of your home can contribute luxury and beauty to everyday living. On that note, I’ve got a fabric stash that is out of hand…

Have you found that once the word gets out that you collect this or that, or that you enjoy this craft or that hobby then those things can come your way in quantities? Such has been the case for me. I love to sew and have a background in garment construction which has morphed into quilting. This means I’ve been given my grandmother’s lifetime fabric stash. What a trip down memory lane! This was years ago and I’ve used some of her fabric and whittled down the rest. But still, the fabric comes… The fabric has been stored in a lovely vintage armoire, which looks beautiful from the outside but isn’t functional since only the center panel opens. Today is the day to remove, reassess, and relocate the fabric so I can get to it and use it.

Now the armoire is empty and all the best fabrics that I actually have a plan for are organized and in one place ~ where I can get to them!

Oh, this is delightful! It is a relief to get rid of fabrics that either weren’t my style/color palette or are not the 100% cotton fabric that my quilts are made of. Now this fabric stash is just what I want to sew with, and is within easy reach. Fabric designers today create such beautiful fabrics that even just storing them is a way to maximize the beauty of the designs. Seeing the fabrics organized by project is pretty and inspiring to get started on!

Create Beauty

Plants and pots are ordinary. But when combined and displayed they provide everyday beauty. A friend of mine made me this macrame pot holder, isn’t that sweet of her?! I have just the spot and plant for it. I also have a blue and white chinoiserie planter on hand so let’s add both to the hall bath. Our hall bath gets lots of natural light so an English ivy would be perfect. English ivy does well with this amount of lighting, plus it enjoys the steam from the shower.

Let’s soften the stark white by dyeing it in tea to a soft cream for a more vintage feel. I’ve never done this before and have heard that the longer you leave something in the tea the darker it will get. I’m looking for a soft creamy brown so a quick dip will do.

This tea dip-dyed macrame plant holder project turned out well and added freshness to this corner of the bathroom. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it! Now I’m considering rearranging the art…

Friend, I hope this post and video has inspired you to look for and add beauty to the dailyness of your homemaking.

Warmly, Rachel

Photo of author
Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

18 thoughts on “Summer Homemaking ~ Ordinary is Beautiful”

  1. I can’t believe you will give away or sell that amazing armoire!!! If only I wasn’t way out here in California. I love them and have one in almost every room. The one in the guest room is actually my gift wrapping station. I thread all the ribbons at the top on the tension rod… Have lots of hooks for Christmas bags, birthday bags, misc bags. I have baskets on two shelves in the bottom for tissue paper, gift tags, scissors, tape, twine and assorted all occasion cards. This makes it so handy when something comes up. When I am at the Dollar Store… I will pick up a bag or couple of cards every time to keep replenishing. I never had to run out at the last minute.

  2. Had to jump back on and tell you how lovely your kitchen is . Blue and white is my favorite and it is my kitchen theme also.. I did notice today that you are very attracted to geometric dishes and bowls and pitchers and trays. I too, love angles , and find them more interesting. The sweet back splash, the corbels on the cupboards , the copper faucet and tea kettle, and the beautiful white ironstone with all the little brushes on the sink , make for the coziest kitchen ever. And I can’t forget the little lamp with the double black shades…. be still my heart!
    The lemon cookies look so delicious. I have made something similar before, but added a few drops of yellow food coloring to the dough for contrast. And added a little lemon zest to the icing for texture. Nothing better than a little tray of sweets just waiting for a hot cup of tea.

    • Thank you, Miss Liane.
      Yes, the octagon or eight-sided pitchers are my favorite ~ very observant!
      And, yes, the zest is my favorite, too (I was out of lemons). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think I could spend a long time in front of your fabric stash enjoying that eye candy! You’ve organized it so beautifully and I’m in total agreement, the fabric patterns are so beautiful, they are art just folded neatly. I’ve always loved textiles. It’s on my bucket list to be a quilter, as I love everything about quilting. I just need to invest some time. I love your content, Thankyou as always,

    • Oh, Miss Jessica!
      I’ve only recently learned to quilt by watching YouTube tutorials! You can do the same! My favorite is Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilting Co. she is down to earth, very sweet, and makes it so easy. Happy quilting!

  4. As always such a lovely post and I agree sometimes the everyday ordinary can be beautiful too. I’m working at getting my kitchen as pretty as yours. I’m a single older lady and it may take time but that’s okay. Have a wonderful week and stay cool it certainly is hot here in Oklahoma.

  5. I love your vintage bathroom, just the way it is………love the color of the sink and tile.
    Beautiful. Your home and decorating is just my style.

  6. As always, a beautiful ( and beautifully written) post. I’m moving on Tuesday to my husband’s childhood home. Seeing your bathroom with all its lovely vintageness ( is that a word?) has given me hope that I can embrace the bathroom I have inherited, although it has light blue tiles including the matching sink and tub!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your home! I, too, have an awful fabric stash–and good intentions! I have had good luck selling pillowcases I’ve sewn from old cloth in my vintage/craft booth. We have a king-sized bed–with 5 pillows; sheet sets come with 2, so I imagine other people need more, too! I can sew short straight-ish seams but don’t have the precision of eye for quilting!


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