Small Cottage Bath Remodel ~ Full Tour!

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Rachel Stone

Are you looking for simple DIY projects, and home decor items to add cottage charm to your bathroom on a budget? If so, today I’ll take you shopping for specific cottage style decor items from my list, then we’ll tackle our DIY projects. Finally, we’ll stock, style, and tour the finished bathroom!

I have been anxiously awaiting this day! So excited to see how this is all going to come together & to share it with you! With these kinds of projects it is immensely helpful to have the “mood board” on Pinterest, but things can be different when you actually come to put the tangible items together. There’s still that question in the back of your mind of how it will come out…

Here are the online inspiration pictures of things I was hunting for in thrift/antique stores. When embarking on a project like this I always start at the thrift store ~ you may not know what you’ll find, but it will be cheaper! Next is the antique shops since they also have a diverse array of treasures with delightful character you cannot find anywhere else. Lastly, I turn to the retail stores and online shops. If you are interested in any of these items I have linked as many as possible in the description box in the YouTube video.

Keep in mind that I’ve been hunting all the items for the last year since we began this remodel project. It takes time to find just the right things for the functionality and beauty of your space.

First off are the items I found on Etsy, Amazon, or in other “big box” stores (with a couple thrifted items). 

From the left: the lighthouse oil painting we discovered at an estate sale for $15, the four canvas lined sea grass baskets were on closeout from Handcocks a few years ago for $5 each. The three blue & white planters (birthday gift) & all the storage bottles were from Amazon. I was so excited to have found the large wicker hamper for $9, since they are much higher online! The French toile fabric came from Etsy, and the Dutch painting was thrifted for $10.

Here is the view that greets you as you step into the bathroom. I love seeing this first thing every morning!

The pedestal sink add such a note of elegance and spaciousness to the space. I still can’t believe we got it for $40! The mirror felt a bit small initially, but once the glass shelf was installed it looked intetntional.

Since we saved so much on the pedestal sink we were able to splurge on the vintage inspired glass shelf. This sleek, streamlined look is the perfect juxtaposition to the curved, antique mirror ~ I love the mix!

This little shelf is the perfect spot for applying makeup in the mornings.

The antique looking clock was about $3, and the English ironstone pitcher I’ve had for several years. The little pitcher perfectly hold makeup bushes ~ pretty & handy!

Since we removed the old vanity that was here I added in this wicker hamper for more storage. The hamper holds our extra bath & hand towels. Such a perfect fit!

This pewter looking can (it’s probably a planter) makes the perfect waste bin and was thrifted somewhere between $5 – $8.

Under the custom storage cabinet Matt built hangs an oil painting we found one Saturday at an estate sale. Everything was 1/2 off that day making this piece $15!

In the shower Matt created a shower nook to house our shampoo & conditioner bottles. It is tidy, useful, & pretty!

Thank you for coming along today as we finished stocking & styling this tiny bathroom. I hope this series has given you some inspiration for your own bathroom space!

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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

10 thoughts on “Small Cottage Bath Remodel ~ Full Tour!”

  1. Beautiful!!!….I love your ideas and the blue and white…I am going home this afternoon and putting my makeup brushes in blue and whit pots I have….and my blue and whit clock is going in my bathroom…I also collect beautiful antique silver pieces, finally got some ideas from you for them… made my day, thank you so much!

    • Oh, how fun!
      This sounds like such a fun refresh with lovely items you already own! Thank you for sharing your inspiration, Miss Judy!

  2. Just beautiful! The blue and white touches are perfect. When you are thrifting/browsing do you have specific items in mind or do you buy things sometimes because they are your style and will be usable somewhere sometime? You have a wonderful talent for making everything look elegant but still cheerful (if that makes sense!).

    • Good morning, Miss Ellen!

      Great question! I actually do a combination of both approaches. Some items, like the milk glass containers were very specific & I needed three. If I came across other things that spoke to me, I’d consider how they would be used before purchasing them. Even in this case decor items like the clock can be used in so many places that it’s a simple “yes” decision. If you have more questions about how to make the decision on whether or not to purchased something, and what are good things to thrift for you might enjoy my video on “Top Ten Items to Thrift”. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. This is so beautiful! I’d been looking forward to the reveal of your new bathroom with all of your creativity and thrifty ideas. Great job to you and your sweet husband. I enjoyed your video too and had been keeping an eye out on youtube for when you posted it. God bless you and thank you for sharing your talents!

    • Aww, thank you C!
      How sweet that you’ve been looking forward to this, I’m glad you enjoyed how everything turned out. Thank you for stopping by!
      May the Lord bless you as well,

  4. Just beautiful. I never thought of using glass containers as toiletries or even small dishes and so forth. Beautiful bathroom makeover. Love the way you did the curtains. Well loved it all.

    • Thank you, Miss Joyce!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit & found some inspiration along the way.
      Have a lovey evening, and we’ll visit again soon!

  5. love the blue and white I am very partial to it!! I use small crystal vases and bowls to house my toiletries/ make-up. The bathroom is so serene and lovely!

    • Isn’t blue & white such a wonderful classic?! I’m with you, Miss Josette it is serene & lovely.
      Thanks for visiting!

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