red and white transfer ware dishes being used for christmas decor

Red and White Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

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Rachel Stone

Are you looking for that traditional, classy look for your Christmas decor? The simple sophistication of red and white decor is an easy way to create that cozy and timeless look for the holidays. Below are some easy tips for getting this look in your home.

Red and White Christmas Decor Home Tour 2022

Red and White Christmas Ornaments On Your Tree

red and white ornaments on a christmas tree

The red and white color scheme is easily adaptable to either a flocked tree or a real tree.This slender, flocked tree has a bright red ornaments, white ornaments, as well as red and white polka dotted ornaments. Red and white ribbon not only carries the theme farther, but helps the eye travel the full height of the tree. The slender shape of the tree, and the use of playful polka dots give this tree a quirky “Dr. Suess” feeling.

By varying the intensity of the shade of red you can achieve a completely different look. Here, on our tree we’ve used red and white in a woodland theme.

In a woodland themed Christmas tree, cardinals are perfect for adding a touch of red. Polar bears, and other birds, such as this white cardinal, snowy owls, or doves are great for adding the white. Another way to add white is through frosted pine-cones, and icicles.

Decorate with red transfer ware dishes

red and white transfer ware dishes being used for christmas decor

In the kitchen, or dining room, the classic red and white theme can be carried through with dishes and other decor. Traditional red transfer-ware dishes are the perfect addition in any cottage decor setting! To highlight the transfer-ware we’ve interspersed antique white ironstone dishes. This not only makes the red dishes pop, but it gives the eye a place to rest.

Christmas hutch decorated with red an white plates.

Decorating our hutch is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season in our home. This year we chose a red and white theme using transfer-ware, ironstone and milk glass. The plates we used are called “Old Britain Castles” by Johnson Brothers. I love the versatile, old-fashioned charm these plates give. Besides using them as decor, we also serve off of them at meal times.

milk glass with candy canes

Decorate your table with red and white

a table setting with a red and white quilted table runner

Here is a look at the red and white theme in a table setting. To carry the red and white theme further we used a red and white quilted table runner on our Christmas tablescape.

close up of red dish on a table

By choosing a limited color palette and repeating it throughout your decor you can create an intentional, designed look to your holiday decor.

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Author: Rachel Stone
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