How to Decorate a Cozy Fall Cottage Style Living Room

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Rachel Stone

Hello friend!

Today we are taking deeper dive into the glorious fall season! Come along with me as we rearrange, and refresh our living room for the cold weather season. Since the fireplace is a focal point, and we use it often during the fall & winter months, we’ll arrange the furniture to face the fireplace.

I’m rethinking the function of this room and would like to eliminate the coffee table for better flow and replace it with an antique round, drum shaped English side table. My goals for this refresh also include adding layers of coziness and comfort in the English cottage style.

Here are a couple pictures of the style I’ll be hunting for on Craig’s List, Facebook Marketplace, and in the thrift shops. The table on the left is by Zangerle and Peterson Co. for $200 The table on the right is by Scully & Scully for $1,300! This is quite a range ~ and neither table is in the budget! If something affordable turns up that would be great ~ but if not, we’ll make our coffee table look it’s best!

In the meantime Let’s decorate, rearrange, and tackle some DIY!

Here is the spring & summer setting for the living room. The furniture is facing outwards and the color palette is brighter and lighter. the teal loveseat is covered with a white matelassé coverlet thrifted years ago for $10. I’d like to find something to cover the couch with that is closer to our overall home color palette.

To begin, the room gets a good cleaning, and decluttering. Anything summery in décor or textiles is packed away for the next warm season. Then we rearrange the furniture.

Next, we recover a thrifted lumbar cushion with fabric from my sister. Here is the “before”. The pillow is high quality feather filled and hand embroidered. The colors aren’t my favorite, neither is the furry trim… 

Below is the “after”! This color palette is much better and the birds and red velvet trim add a touch of romantic whimsy. 

The mantel is next and my vision here is a more traditional English study look with an equestrian print, ring neck pheasant feathers, and brass.

These two examples were inspiration for the style I was going for when I headed to the thrift shop…

Here’s what I found. Not terribly promising, but it was brass, had pheasant feathers, was $4 and turned out well!

This natural looking, muted toned autumn garland (for $3) was just the right touch. 

To balance the height of the feathers I added a vintage ironstone transferware soup tureen to the other side.

Here’s the final look for the mantel, it turned out as I’d hoped!

As we were busy cleaning, shopping, decorating, and DIY’ing a handsome, round, English style side table turned up on FB Marketplace for $15! The pictures looked promising so I arranged to meet with the seller. In transit one of the legs popped loose. She contacted me saying I could have the table for FREE if I still wanted it!

There isn’t much my husband, Matt, can’t fix so I thought it would be worth the risk. It looked fine to me and sure enough, a little sanding, some wood glue and an overnight clamp did the trick! I was so excited!

Now to remove the coffee table and introduce this gorgeous antique side table to the mix!

It fits right in as if we’ve always had it!

Finished Autumn living room refresh! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me and picked up a few ideas for decorating your home on a budget!



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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

10 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Cozy Fall Cottage Style Living Room”

  1. Lovely and cozy. I had to laugh when you said in the video the thrift store arrangement had a pheasant painted like a peacock. The table, what a steal… I too have been looking at pheasant feathers for an arrangement and they can be expensive just for the feathers by themselves, no where close to $4. What has been an inspiration in watching your remodels and room rearrangements is how you use what you have, and how you embrace the loveliness of your home when decorating. This has changed my way of looking at my home. I used to think “When I have the home of my dreams, I will do this…” Now I think, “I have the home of my dreams, how can I do to make it cozy and inviting?” Much more satisfying, and my purse thanks me also! Happy autumn.

    • Hi Joanna!
      That’s probably the most encouraging thing you could say! I really do believe that it isn’t so much what you have, but what you do with it. Several guests noticed the blue wave and rose wall paper from the 80’s. Is that my favorite look? Nope! But sometimes changing things over time as budget allows is just the time I need to know what I really like. I’m sure your home is cozy and inviting right now ~ because you’re there!

    • Hey Annie!
      I’m glad you like how the room turned out! The mantel is one of my favorite parts as well. Now all it needs is a crackling fire, a cup of hot tea and you!

  2. You truly have such a great eye for Thrifted Treasures! 😊. Your Antique Drum Table is GORGEOUS!!! 💚💚💚💚. Your transformation is Inspiring!! Well done Rachel! ❤️ Wish I could send you some pictures of the Treasures I have found! Have a beautiful Fall/Winter Season 🎄🙏

    • Good evening, Miss Trudy!
      I’m so thrilled you enjoyed how the room turned out and that we can connect here on my blog as well! I wish I could see pictures of your treasures ~ they sound lovely!

  3. You did it again !! It is so inviting and comfortable . Love the table
    it does fit right in. You will certainly enjoy it.

    • Thank you, Mi Mi!
      You are such a great cheerleader! Glad to have you “stop by” and bring your sunshine. Love you!

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