How to Curate Your Interior Design Style

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Rachel Stone

Hello friends!

Curated home decor. Gathered over time. These phrases are probably familiar to you, and you’ve probably use them yourself. But how do you achieve the reality of what these phrases mean? Exactly HOW do you curate your design aesthetic “over time”?

Today I’m excited to share with you a few tips I’ve picked up about this elusive skill that many of you have expressed a rather puzzled interest in.

Since the beginning of this year Matt and I have been taking photographs and video clips of the home decor pieces that we felt were a good fit for our home. Today these clips and pictures are combined as an illustrated version of how I’ve been “curating over time”.

Pictured here are many of the items we have found. There are more items not included here that have been shared in previous videos. This post will just cover items you’ve not seen. Now let’s break this down a bit to see why these things were chose.

First, there’s art. I adore artwork! Bare walls are a missed opportunity to express style personality and tell your unique story. That being said, I choose our art carefully. We have an overall blue and green color palette, and usually select dark wood or gilded frames. Sticking to a color palette can sometimes mean turning down a beautiful piece of art (or getting creative with re-matting or re-framing), but it makes all the difference in the world when you begin arranging the pieces into groups. I’ve also noticed that buying several like pieces gives a sense of belonging and intention to your collections.

Even though this collection was picked up here and there over the last several months you can clearly see the cohesive color palette and similar subject matter. Still I was surprised when arranging this group at how well they went together. Using these curation methods also means your art will be more versatile over the years if you wish to re-think an arrangement, or move the pieces to another space entirely. Total cost: $60!

This is the largest piece we’ve come across since January. It is an oil painting with a velvet slip and gilded frame. As I pulled up to the thrift store where this painting was I noticed the sign on the door saying the entire store was 1/2 price! The sticker on this piece read: $9.00… Yes, I paid $4.50 for this!

In case you’re wondering, all of these pieces have a destination. I’m collecting for several gallery wall groupings at the same time.

In the textiles department I found sheets, a pillow case and this gorgeous hand knotted wool rug. I don’t often come across rug in my shopping and this one ticked all the boxes. It was the right color palette for our English cottage guest bedroom, the right size, very well made, and at $60 a good price.

In addition to finding the rug for the guest bedroom this dusky rose feather pillow also appeared. It is high quality, a nice pattern, and the soft color perfectly compliments the other brighter accent pillows. This pillow was $2.73.

In the back yard at an estate sale Matt & I spotted this elegant pedestal to a bird bath. The basin was missing, but I could see this as a elegant sculptural addition to our front flower bed with a pot on top. Everything at the estate sale was 1/2 off so we paid $12.50.

Matt likes clipper ships so the day I spotted this pair in the antique shop for $20 I snatched them for his birthday. They fit nicely into the bookcases, as well as on his desk in the study.

Sometimes it is a good idea to snap a picture of something you think you like at the thrift or antique shop for later reference. This way you can “bring it home” and hold up the picture in different spots to see how it will fit in a particular space, or with your existing decor. I totally would’ve bought this lamp, but felt nearly $100 was too much.

The unique lines of this brass lamp caught my eye at my local thrift store. It is solid brass and has adorable claw feet. The original shade is missing, but I tried out several options and came across this fluted, amber glass shade that seem as if it belonged ~ all for less than $5!

No haul would be complete without baskets! Seriously though they are one of the most economical ways to flex your style curation muscle. They are practical, pretty, and can be re-donated if they don’t work out. In fact, this is a good tip to apply to other items when developing your style. Start small, build confidence, then branch out.

Once you have a better idea of your long term preferences, and what works in your home, then consider shopping for furniture. Furniture is large, usually more expensive, and harder to get rid of.

When I was hunting antique or vintage side tables for our living room I came across this British campaign style table on Facebook Marketplace. This is not a style that I’d previously considered, but it was refreshingly different than the English drum side table we already had. I love the rich, deep color, the warm brass tones, and angular design. This table offers the perfect masculine touch to the living room as well as the perfect place to store logs for the fireplace! This was a great find at $40.

Straight from my inspiration pictures is this large English country style ottoman. This was the other piece we found at that historical estate sale and is the cherry on top! Everything about this piece is perfect. I love the size, the wool fabric, the color, the pattern, the turned wooden legs, and the antique brass casters. Originally this ottoman was marked $140, but the day we went everything was 1/2 off. We paid $70 for this piece and have used it every day! Often this is the beauty of curating your home lover time ~ most things are at greatly reduced prices which helps even things out that are a bit more expensive.

Tips for Curating Over Time:

  1. Pour over only your favorite inspiration pictures. Pick out repeat items small and large that you’d like in your home. This is your shopping list.
  2. Choose a color palette
  3. Buy like things
  4. Practice flexing your design aesthetic with smaller, cheaper items before moving to larger, more expensive, permanent items
  5. Take pictures of decor in the store you’re considering. Once home “mix” it with your decor to see if it will work
  6. Study your reactions when shopping. Most likely the features catching your eye in the store will be the same features that will please your eye at home.
  7. Study how you and your family use your home. Insights into how you live will yield the most pertinent information for wise shopping choices.

Friend, I hope you found some inspiration, and picked up some tips for curating decor for your home. Let me know what you found to be most helpful, or what questions you may still have. I enjoy learning and sharing on this topic!

Until next time, take care,



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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

12 thoughts on “How to Curate Your Interior Design Style”

  1. Really practical and lovely! As a part-time interior designer, I would also add that whatever you bring home that you absolutely love will go together. Notice that I said “absolutely love”! A lot of high-end designers will tell you this… I’m just basically learning from them! Thank you so much for your wonderful posts and wonderful YouTube videos!

    • Good morning, Miss Lisa!
      You’re absolutely right ~ if you only buy/keep your favorites then all your treasures will compliment each other no matter how you mix them.
      Thanks for your support and for visiting today!

  2. Rachel another informative and
    encouraging video. What a fun shopping spree. Love how you find the perfect spot for everything.

    • Good morning, Mi Mi!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the video, it’s fun to have you along for the trip.

  3. Really, a laid back way of decorating. Love it!! I noticed in last picture of the ottoman there is the couch behind it with a couch pillow. I have these too. Recently, I needed to lighten up my decor for the summer months. I bought these (see link below) they fit perfectly and gave the living room a whole new look.
    (sometimes small printed flower patterns are hard to find in pillows)

    • Good morning, Josette

      I’m glad this visit and style of decorating resonated with you. Changing your throw pillows is a great way to freshen a room ~ thanks for sharing!

    • Good morning Miss Kathy,

      I’m so glad you found your visit to be helpful ~ that’s the goal. It would be fun to be neighbors!


  4. I love watching your videos. I am a thrifter, and I love to decorate with my treasures. Have you ever tried Old English Scratch Cover? It comes in 2 tones, dark wood tone and light wood tone. It will cover most scratches. You just rub on… lt is an oil…and rub off excess…best to do it before applying any wax or polish. They can seal the wood, and it won’t absorb the stain. I keep it all the time to go over scratches, and often use it on my wood -stained cabinets. It is made by the original Old English Polish.

    • Hello Miss Betty,
      While I’m familiar with and use Old English polish, I’ve not hear of the Scratch Cover.
      Thanks for the tip, and for being a part of the Stone Cottage Home family! Have a lovely day.

  5. Rachel, I came over from your YouTube channel and simply had to tell you how much I love your decorating style. I love English country cottage style. It’s so cozy, warm and inviting. I picture myself curled up in an overstuffed chair with my feet propped up on an ottoman surrounded by a few favorite books and a nice cup of tea. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I truly look forward to your next video and the tips you will give us on how to decorate our homes on a budget. Your home is so charming. I would love to see more of it as well as any seasonal decor changes that you do without that cookie cutter feel. 💕

    • Good afternoon Miss Debbie!
      I’m so glad you came over here to visit! It’s such fun to connect with others that enjoy the same interior design style. Every evening, Matt & I are doing just as you described (except I’m the only one with tea!). Most of all, we are happy you are finding inspiration and helpful ideas! I am considering sharing a pantry makeover and possibly a Christmas living room tour. Thank you for your encouragement and support of our channel. Have a lovely day!

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