Hosting a Classic Victorian Christmas Tea Party!

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Don’t you just love all the warm, festive events around Christmas time?  Have you ever wondered, “How do I host a Christmas tea party?” Perhaps you would love to celebrate the special ladies in your life and just need a little inspiration from today’s Christmas Tea Party ideas.

Join us as we host a Victorian Christmas Tea party for five mother/daughter pairs. You will come away with wonderful ideas to use for your next tea party.

rachel in a red sweater getting ready to host her christmas tea party
Christmas tea party table setting with china and Christmas decor

My goal, as usual, is to spend as little as possible. You definitely don’t have to break the bank to have an elegant Victorian themed party. With a little searching at the thrift store or on Marketplace you can find many of the elements that we have used today.

You can do this!

Now, first stop is the thrift shop ~ let’s go!


Victorian Christmas Tea Party Ideas Video

In today’s video, we will go shopping for our Christmas tea table decorations, set the table and prepare for our guests.

Christmas Tea Party Table Decorations

Here is a sample of the goodies we found thrifting for this Victorian Christmas tea party. I could not believe the antique fine bone china tea cups that appeared at the thrift shop one day! About 20 – 30 of them were donated a few days before I came in ~ wish I’d known! Still, I came home with five beauties.

To the five tea cups we thrifted I’ve pulled out another seven to make the twelve we need. The battery operated candles, Spode Christmas dishes, and silver flatware were gifts.

I’m thrilled to have found these pink twirl water glasses! I can picture them being used in many different themes in the future. And you can’t beat the price at .35 cents each!

Won’t it be fun to add these carousel horses to the tea table?! Originally I pictured finding little nutcrackers to use as name card holders, but when the selection was too large/expensive/ or broken I began looking for something else. When these turned up for .50 cents each I was delighted! These would also be perfect for a birthday party…

We begin with all the leaves in the table, a white base tablecloth, then the tartan plaid topper. Next a white crocheted table runner which reminds me of snowflakes is placed down the center.

For simple, sparkly centerpieces I found these classic mercury glass trees at Hobby Lobby, then filled in around the cake plates and serving dishes with the battery operated candles. now on to the place settings!

Christmas tea party table decorations

As I did not have enough plates to use one set I alternated the rose and Spode Christmas tree dishes. It turned out so lovely that I would’ve done this even if I had all the dishes!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year to give of our resources, our time, and our selves in celebration of the greatest Gift given to all, Jesus Christ. He is the reason we celebrate this time of year. There is hope, joy, and peace because He came to cover our sins and make a way for us to enjoy everlasting life with Him! 

The crowning touch to the menu were these red velvet cupcakes made by my dear neighbor. What could be more Victorian and Christmas~y than red velvet?

Christmas Tea Party Decoration Ideas

Below are some items from Amazon that may make your shopping for your next Christmas or Victorian tea party a little easier.

Bonus: Christmas Village

As promised here is a tour of our snowy Christmas village (also designed by my sweet neighbor). 

Funny story, Matt likes to move the wooden bear all around the house at Christmas time! I never know where I’ll see it pop up and it’s a fun bit of “I spy” every day!

What a lovely Christmas-y day we’ve had together! My hope is that you got a stocking full of ideas & inspiration for hosting family and friends in your home this Christmas. Until our next visit, Merry Christmas & take care!


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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

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  1. A whimsical and magical table setting!! Those teacups are just gorgeous as well as the pink glasses. Have loads of fun at your tea party! 🌲

  2. Loved the shopping experience and how you pulled it all together to make a beautiful table. I know it was a fun time to celebrate the
    birth of Jesus and share with friends

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