Handmade Cottage Garden Window Boxes ~ Easy DIY

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Rachel Stone

Hello everyone! Today’s post (& video) features an addition to our cottage garden entry. For another layer of cottage garden charm Matt built a pair of cedar window boxes to hang over our courtyard railing.

We decided on two boxes instead of one long, cumbersome box. That way I can remove the boxes & replant as needed.

Simple, handmade window boxes.

Matt measures, cuts, drills, glues, & staples while I snap pictures. I’m so grateful he enjoys woodworking!

The window boxes are ready for the first test run ~ they fit perfectly! Matt thought the faces of the boxes were a bit plain so he added trim. They look beautiful already!

Now for the stain & liners ~ it’s nice to have a quick project now & then!

Done! You can see the holes Matt has drilled in the bottoms of the window boxes for drainage. 

Now my favorite part ~ planting time!

The flowers are filling in & the Sweet Potato vines are beginning to spill over. I’m hoping they reach the bed below!

Just as I was getting these photographs for you I spotted a Tiger Swallowtail caterpillar! Really, I didn’t think the parsley would attract the butterflies, but it did! 

Thank you for joining me today as we adding another layer to the cottage garden entry!

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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

14 thoughts on “Handmade Cottage Garden Window Boxes ~ Easy DIY”

  1. The window boxes over the fence is such a smart idea and they look great! Matt did a really good job with them. Your assortment of flowers is beautiful. The video is awesome!!

    • Good morning Joanna,
      The height of these window boxes has created a more distinct separation between flower bed & courtyard ~ I love it! I agree with you, Matt did a great job. The trim he added to the fronts of the window boxes gave them a more finished look. Thanks for watching the video & leaving a comment!
      Have a lovely day!

  2. The flower boxes are so pretty and add a lot of charm to the entry way. I love the video, Rachel! Between the video and the pictures, I feel like I’m right there with you and Matt 🙂

    • Hello Kathy!
      We are thrilled the video brings it to life for you! Matt did a great job on the window boxes ~ they are a bright part of my day every day. Thank you for watching & taking the time to leave a comment!

  3. Just loved this video! Makes me want to get my hands in the dirt! Your filming is wonderful and I think you’d make a good story teller as well as gardener!

    • Wonderful! There’s nothing quite as relaxing & fulfilling as getting your hands in the dirt & watching a garden grow. I’m glad you enjoyed the video & my chattering. 😉
      Have a lovely day,

  4. Love, love, love the video! Makes me feel like I’m right there with you. I would love to be there helping you plant! The window boxes are absolutely gorgeous and Matt did a fantastic job. Color combo is beautiful. 🌸

    • Hello Annie,
      How delightful it would be to have you as a gardening buddy! Thanks for watching, I’m glad the video brought the gardening to life for you!

  5. Enjoyed the video! Nice window boxes! I know they are special because Matt made them for you!! He did a good job. ☺ I love the mix of flowers and the bright sweet potato vines. 💐💖

    • Hi there Miss Robin!
      So glad you enjoyed the video ~ we’ve been having a blast making them! Yes, the window boxes are special & I agree ~ he did a great job. Thanks for watching the video & leaving a comment!
      Have a lovely day,

  6. Great job on both the video and window boxes. You make it all look so simple. Flowers & boxes are beautiful.

    • Hello Mi Mi,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching & leaving a comment!
      Have a lovely day,

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