Green and White Kitchen Cabinets

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Rachel Stone

Today is the day, friends! We will begin the transformation from an ordinary dated suburban kitchen to an English county kitchen. This has got to be my favorite project so far: turning the heart of my home – our kitchen – into a welcoming fresh, pretty space with two-toned sage green and white kitchen cabinets.

There’s a certain magic about English country style that’s hard to resist. Quintessential, cozy, and full of whimsical charm. For a look at where my inspiration came from, check out the first video in this series. For today, our focus will be on the beginnings of a delightful transformation from a mundane suburban kitchen to a haven reminiscent of the English countryside.

The Allure of Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Oh, those pretty two-toned kitchen cabinets! As I was choosing the colors for our kitchen I was drawn to this “tuxedo” look over and over. There are several versions of this scheme such as neutral and cream, blue and white, etc. But since I love green, this combination was the one I kept going back to. As I studied this look I realized the idea of two-tone cabinets wasn’t just a current trend, but a classic in country kitchen design that has been around for a long time. All the better because timeless design is best!


The allure for me isn’t just in the aesthetic though. By blending two colors – in our case, the earthy sage green and the classic white (or ivory, in my case) – we introduce depth, vibrancy, and a sense of spaciousness to our kitchens. The bottom cabinets in “Pesto Paste” by Behr provide a grounded, calming effect while the upper ones, painted in “Ivory Lace” by Sherwin Williams, lift the space, making it feel brighter and airier. So, why choose the two-tone route? It’s simple. The color choice was practical. Placing the darker color on the lower cabinets not only reflected my personality but would better hide scuffs and grime, while the lighter cream color on the upper cabinets would visually lift and expand the space.

The Transformation Journey of Our Cabinets

Our kitchen has that unmistakable 1960s feel. Those honey-oak cabinets, sturdy and functional, did the job. But I wanted to make the kitchen “ours”. A space that felt like “us”. This would includin adding a personal touch, definitely a bit more of that English country warmth and hominess!

Where do I start with style & design? When starting this remodel process (especially with the number of decisions a kitchen requires) my first question was: “Where do I start in the design process?” I began with what I knew and loved ~ the paint color. ” After browsing those gorgeous English-inspired kitchens with their green and cream cabinets. It felt like the right thing, almost like bringing a bit of the English countryside right into our home. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Start with what you love, do what you know.

Matt, armed with a sprayer and two gorgeous paint shades, took on the challenge. We decided on the vintage green for the lower cabinets – that lovely shade “Pesto Paste” by Behr. As each cabinet was painted, the kitchen began to transform. The green brought in warmth and character that the old look just didn’t have. Then came the uppers. We chose a classic “Ivory Lace” by Sherwin Williams. The transformation was incredible. The lighter shade added brightness, making the space feel more open and inviting. Painting cabinets isn’t a new idea, but the visual transformation is still amazing! The two-tone look not only brought in the depth and vibrancy we wanted but also added that English country feel right in the heart of our suburban home.

Complementing the Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets: Hardware and Appliance Upgrade

Once we had our sage green and ivory cabinets shining in their new glory, something became clear: the hardware had to change. The original pieces just seemed out of place against the backdrop of our new two-tone cabinets.

Picking the right hardware is a bit like choosing the right jewelry for an outfit. It can truly elevate the look. I scoured my favorite design inspirations, circling back to those English kitchens for guidance. And there it was, a recurring theme of warm-based metals with simple knobs and cup pulls. We went for antiqued brass hardware that felt both vintage and fresh. The knobs, a great find at Lowe’s, and the cup pulls a handmade ina living unlaquered brass finish from Etsy, were just the right for adding adding warmth and personality.

Cabinets and hardware before…

Now, on to our stove situation. The original black electric stove had served us well (barring a few quirky issues), but post-renovation, it just stood out – and not in a good way. With the new cabinet colors, the contrast was too stark. Remembering my preference for cooking on gas, we began our hunt. Thanks to the wonders of Marketplace, we found the perfect white gas stove. And here’s the cherry on top: we sold our old stove on the same platform and turned a profit!

Matt managed the switch seamlessly. The new stove not only complements our two-tone cabinets but also improves our cooking experience. Win-win!

A Peek into Window Dressing and Lighting

With the cabinet transformation in full swing and complemented by the new hardware and stove, the next area of our kitchen to address was the window over the sink.

The previous lace blind was pretty, but didn’t work any longer, and after the cabinet transformation, it needed something updated. As this lovely kitchen window is one of the main features of the kitchen I wanted to give it special attention. For the first layer in dressing this window (there will be a handmade addition later!), we chose the bamboo blind that we’ve used in several other lacation in our home. These warm-toned, custom fitted blinds add texture and are a timeless design choice.

With our fresh sage green and ivory backdrop, something natural and warm was needed. Not only does the bamboo blind add to the English country aesthetic, but it also offers that much-needed privacy in the evenings. It’s both functional and beautiful. Plus, for those interested, we choose the color “Hatteras Camel” and here is the link to their website:

Now for the lighting. Lighting can make or break a design, and in the kitchen, where functionality meets style, getting it right is important. I spent several weeks hunting for just the right light fixture… There was style, color, and proportion to consider, as well as price. since we saved on the labor cost of painting the kitchen by doing the work ourselves, there was room in the budget to splurge on the pandant. We opted for a vintage pendant light that complements our two-tone cabinets and casts a warm, inviting glow over the space. The scalloped milk-glass edges even echo the scalloped trim on the cabinetry! It’s the perfect finishing touch, echoing our love for timeless English style.


Well, here we are, dear friends, finishing part two of this delightful journey! Our kitchen, which once was a typical dated honey-oak kitchen leaped closer to the English country style kitchen that I love! I can hardly wait to see how the next phase clarifies our vision even more!

In the next phases we will be installing a new countertop. Accent tile, a backsplash, plus a farmhouse sink and the most gorgeous faucet! For now, though, Matt and I are enjoying this phase (and a fuctioning kitchen for the time being). I’m so grateful you’ve been alongside us on this adventure. It’s not about having a huge budget or a “grand space”dream” kitchen. It’s about vision, creativity, and a bit of elbow grease.



Photo of author
Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

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  1. My husband and I have been watching your channel together. We are in the process of purchasing our first hike, and I’m looking forward to creating our English cottage. Thank you for your blog and channel. You and Matt are a great inspiration!

    • Oh, how fun to be embarking on creating a “new” English cottage style home! We’re thrilled to know we have been a help in some way! Happy homemaking.

  2. I’ve waited for your kitchen redo like a child waiting for their favorite candy. I Love what you’re doing! It’s inspiring. My kitchen is similar in style. I can’t nor want to spend a lot to brighten it up. It doesn’t take much to spruce up things and continue to enjoy what you already have. Keep up the good works. God bless both of you. Don’t ever loose your joy! Remember! Creating beauty is working with the hands of God! Blessings!

    • Beautiful sentiment!
      Contentment is of great value! Thank you so much for the kind, encouraging support.

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