Give Your House a Chance!

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Rachel Stone

I’m sure you hear the voices and see the “things” in your house as I do in mine… Before you think I’ve gone off my rocker let me explain…

As you walk through your home you may hear “voices” in your house calling to you for repair, replacement, or (and especially) remodeling! If you live in an older home, as we do, these voices may clamor for attention. Even if you live in a fairly new house I’m sure there are still those things you need or want to do. Sometimes, these voices can drown out the other aspects of our homes that we love and appreciate.

Back in 2018, this was how the living room looked. Compared to now, things have changed quite a bit. All the furniture you see was either given to us, or we got it for free, and we were so grateful to have it! All I remember from those days is how much we enjoyed the cozy warmth of the fireplace in the winter and the glorious light that streams in from the big picture window all year round.

Have you heard of the term “house blind?” I heard this term recently and it perfectly coins how we all become used to the way things look in our homes. In my case, it was a sad (rather ugly) brown couch and a very dated teal love seat printed with faded pink sea shells. It can also be the back door that is badly chipped and in desperate need of a lick of fresh paint, or the broken blind in the hall bath… You get that picture.

But I also think there is another version of being house blind. We can all easily focus on what is “wrong” with our home or on what we’d like to change and forget why we fell in love with our homes and chose it in the first place. Remember the first time you walked through your prospective home?

Matt & I reminisce about that first tour… We walked through the empty house imagining where our furniture would go and talked about how much we liked the fireplace, the lovely picture window looking over the backyard, and the special features like the round stained glass window in the hall bath. This would become our first home and felt like an unreachable dream since we were coming from a 660 square foot apartment. This house felt huge and rather grand for us! We rented from the homeowners for the first four years and then we were able to buy the house.

This was the day we bought our first house! How very exciting this was! As we signed the mountain of papers we held our breath ~ it seemed too good to be true. Come October this year we will have owned our house for six years and how much has changed! It’s a good reminder to me to focus on the things we loved most in the beginning and the things we’ve come to love over time.

Here is how the living room looked at the beginning of this year. Since this photograph was taken we have acquired a lovely English rolled arm sofa and a new bamboo table and lamp. I have come to love the slow evolution in creating a home and look forward to what wonderful changes lie ahead! What are things you loved about your home when you first came to live there? what things have you come to love over time? I’d love to hear parts of your journey.

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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

9 thoughts on “Give Your House a Chance!”

  1. Hi Rachel: The first time we walked into a model of our home, I was speechless over the open concept and I thought we could never afford it. Up North, we had a 1960s ranch with low ceilings and box-y rooms. Here, everything was so open and ceilings so high. Now, it’s 20 years later, my husband has passed and I don’t have someone who can fix those silly little things (and/or the bigger things). The house can now use some updating but being on a pension doesn’t leave much room to replace any money that I spend especially if it’s a bigger project (like flooring). I do so want to appreciate my home again, but don’t know where to start or even what my “style” is anymore. Wish me luck.

    • Hello!
      There is always something to appreciate! Simply the wonderful memories you’ve made in those airy, spacious rooms is a great start. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yes indeed Rachel! Funny how I just opened this and just this morning I was walking through this 1913 beauty, feeling so appreciative of how far we have come. Then I noticed…uh oh, we need to caulk this, we need to, we need to…so thank you for straightening out my thought process!! Yes, there will always be “Need to”…
    When we first stepped in to this home, the charm overtook me so much. The nooks and crannies, the woodwork, the old doors, and the history. Completely renovated in 2006, while keeping all of the old doors, the wood floors, and the charm. We did replace plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roof, windows, and more. It is still a fairytale to me. Yes, the floor slopes in the living room, the kitchen is tiny but functional, but overall, there in lies the beauty of home. I appreciate every story you write, every video you make, the main reason is knowing the like mindedness we share, I cherish all of it. So keep after it lady! (And, Gentleman)! 🙂

    • It’s easy to get sidetracked, but it sounds like you refocused on the good things quickly!Your home sounds delightful!

  3. Thanks for this and you are so right. My home was a mess, the owner was in the middle of remodeling it, and it was a disaster. Now after 20 years, I am almost through but, who knows!!! I love all the changes you have made.

  4. In our 50+ married life, we’ve bought and lived in 10 different homes. Our first consideration has always been location, to be near work or family. I think we’ve made every place work with furniture we have. My “style” seems to be grandma’s attic. Gratefully, my grandma and my precious mother in law collected fine antiques so everything has held up beautifully. As our family has grown, we’ve adapted well. Your blog and videos encourage me to look at the house with fresh perspective. Thank you so much!

  5. Once again, thank you for this post…thank you for all the wonderful ideas that you share…it is such a pleasure to read your content and picture in my mind what I could do in my home….You and Matt are such a great inspiration….All the best…Melanie Fay

  6. Love the message of this post. Often we want instant results “as seen on TV”, but appreciating the journey and being content brings peace to our homes.


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