Functional Luxury in Homemaking

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Rachel Stone

Hello Friends! What is it that makes a home truly feel luxurious?

This lovely spring weather has me re-evaluating the use and function of our home. I really enjoy projects like these! Not only do you get a fabulous result, but usually you can purge excess stuff and use/enjoy your home even more! The concept behind functional luxury is simple. When something works, it’s pleasurable to use/experience.

The first time that The word “luxurious” came to mind in thinking about our home was after we’d finished remodeling our kitchen. In general, I’m not drawn to things/rooms/styles that are luxurious or grand. I like simple. Homey.

But one day when using our kitchen I thought to myself how luxurious it felt… Our careful planning to keep only what we used, and only in the cabinets where the task was done was paying off. Simple, but amazing! Excellent function is luxurious! Since this epiphany moment, I’ve been applying this concept all over the house…

Today my focus is this odd corner of the living room that backs up to the kitchen. Before we remodeled the dining room our buffet used to sit here, but after moving the buffet into the dining room I filled the empty corner with a wingback chair. This was an OK placeholder but not terribly functional… No one wanted to sit so far away from the rest of the seating in the living room and the chair stuck out just enough to catch your toe in the middle of the night.

My solution was to move in this bookcase I’ve had since childhood. It perfectly fit the space and I could see myself sitting here to write thank you notes!

While moving my books, I purged a good-sized stack that no longer holds interest. These went to Half Price Books for resale & I made $20! This was an unexpected bonus!

With the extra space, I was able to include a few pieces of blue & white decor for visual interest. These pieces catch my eye every day!

In reorganizing the books I grouped them according to subject with the ones I’m most interested in at the handiest level. That would be shelf three. Shelf three holds my very favorite English country interior design books and a pocket of country kitchen design books. Since moving these here I’ve pulled them for reference many times!

This project had a ripple effect, and with the extra books from another room we are getting ready to remodel, I reorganized and decorated the other two bookshelves in the living room. In placing the books on the shelves I keep in mind who is using the books and where they like to sit in the evening. This bookcase is by Matt’s sofa and he reads quite a lot. Therefore, this lowest shelf holds the books he is currently interested in. Simple thought, but so luxurious to have the books you enjoy on hand when you have the time to read!

With the three bookcases full of books the living room has taken on even more of a cozy English country snug feeling! I hope you’ve picked up some inspiration to reconsider a space in your home to give it the greatest functionality possible. You’ll be surprised how luxurious it feels!

Until next time, take care,


Photo of author
Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

9 thoughts on “Functional Luxury in Homemaking”

  1. Rachel, I enjoy watching your vlogs and I also enjoyed reading this post. When you mentioned the chair on your way, I thought maybe a bookshelf…and that was exclatly what you did,it looks lovely! And I agree about clearing out excess stuff. I did the same on my kitchen and feels so good and organized 😌. I can’t wait to watch you next vlog, blessings.

    • Looks like we were on the same wavelength, Miss Jackie!
      I’m glad you enjoy our channel and blog. We’re grateful to have you!

  2. Hello Rachel,
    Bingo! Perfect place for your childhood bookcase.
    It is just amazing what a difference it makes to move things to a different place.
    Love it

  3. I am from Pennsylvania, but am visiting friends in Mississippi right now. Yesterday, we toured Rosalee mansion in historic Natchez, MS, where 90% of the contents are actually original to the 200 year old house! Although not original to the house – there was a gorgeous display of blue and white china in a cabinet, including a huge sugar bowl like yours which I love, and every piece made me think of you and your blue and white!

  4. It was a perfect place for a bookshelf. I also love books to read but do get rid of the ones who don’t peak my interest any longer. You and Matt are so good at making your home perfect.


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