Cottage Bedroom Remodel Design & Inspiration!

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Rachel Stone

Hello everyone! Since this post has been many months in the making I’m thrilled to be able to share part one with you today!

You may recognize this room from a while back. In that post we were using this bedroom as a writing room. Let’s see what we plan to do!

The natural lighting in this room is fabulous! Matt painted a couple walls one of my favorite shades of green as a birthday present, and how I’ve enjoyed this space! The great lighting and lovely colors in this room got me dreaming… I pictured a charming cottage farmhouse style guest bedroom complete with a vintage inspired botanical gallery wall, a creamy white bookcase and headboard, handmade quilts, and milk-glass lamps.

Bedroom Renovation Goals:

We first swapped the furniture to get a feel for how it would fit and look.

Here’s where we started…

The dark headboard & red bookcase are in need of a makeover…  

The headboard and bookcase are first in line for a make-over! You can see the process in the Roadside Furniture Flip post.

Both pieces made for a dramatic transformation! This was such a fun project and the results were well worth it. The fresh creamy white lightened the room and blended so much better with the color palette.

While I was painting furniture Matt tackled replacing the dated mirror bi-fold closet doors. These doors look so much better (plus no large mirrors to clean any more)!

Once the doors were installed we found some pretty brass French looking handles that needed a slightly vintage touch… Matt took a little spray paint, wiped most of it off and they were perfect! 

Next it was time to paint. We decided one green wall was perfect for setting the color scheme without overpowering the room. We chose a soft cream called “Lit Candles” on three walls, a bright ivory for the trim, leaving a single wall in the lovely spring green.

Matt painted walls, changed the ratty, black tassel pull on the ceiling fan for vintage looking pulls, and replaced the blinds. I thrifted and re-framed/matted artwork, decoupaged the headboard, painted ceiling fan blades, and went thrifting for a vintage milk-glass lamp & shade. I love the clean, charming look of milk-glass!

I found the milk-glass lamp at a local Goodwill store for about $5. The lampshade showed up at a nearby thrift shop for less than $3. I was thrilled to find this since these lamps are quite expensive online!

With the painting done it was time to hang artwork! This is icing on the cake to me. Here is a lovely oil painting that Matt surprised me with one day ~ just because it reminded him of me. There was a small stain near the top of the painting and this heavy wooden frame just didn’t quite seem to do this light, dreamy painting justice ~ or go with the room. I swapped it for a pretty gilded frame (which also covered the stain).

This picture now perfectly suits the style and color palette of the room ~ I love this special piece!

And now… hanging the gallery wall! I must admit this was the most exciting as the gallery wall was to be the main feature of the room. I first saw the beauty and impact of a gallery wall on Pinterest and was inspired to try one. After we hung a gallery wall of English style original oil paintings in  the master bedroom I knew a second gallery wall was inevitable!

Months of gathering art from thrift and antique stores and reframing/matting at Hobby Lobby were about to pay off… It’s the moment of wondering whether your vision and hard work were going to be as imagined…

We started by centering the focal picture of the gallery wall in the middle of our space. This takes a lot of measuring to fit different shapes in a cohesive group within a certain space limit ~ if your goal is to make as few nail holes as possible!

Hanging the vintage inspired gallery wall!

You are invited to “visit” our Vintage Cottage Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal coming soon with lots of lovely “after” pictures! 

Thanks for following along with our bedroom remodel, hopefully you enjoyed it ~ it was reeeally hard not to share the final shots!

I’d love to know: What remodeling projects have you been working on, or dreaming of? Please leave your comments in the box below ~ I’d love to hear from you!

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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

14 thoughts on “Cottage Bedroom Remodel Design & Inspiration!”

  1. I am always amazed at the dramatic transformations that you and Matt come up with. Seeing that old headboard we bought, along with a houseful of furniture, in 1977 brought back many memories and after seeing your handiwork on it, it’s has never looked better! And I love the closet doors you and Matt designed. The room is absolutely gorgeous with all the finishing touches you find at the thrift stores and even though my bedroom renovation wasn’t nearly as involved it was still inspired by your creativity.

    • Good morning, Miss Ilene!
      How fun that you have a part in this remodel as well! We’ve been very grateful for all the behind-the-scenes help you’ve provided. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and can hardly wait to publish the reveal post with the “after” pictures! Thrilled you found some inspiration for your bedroom too, it was fun to watch it evolve into something so bright and cheerful. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    • Hi Carrie,
      Thanks! If you enjoyed this post you’ll really enjoy the reveal post coming soon with all the “after” pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hello Mi Mi,
      Even though this project stretched out waaaay longer than planned (my accident over summer slowed things down a bit) it was fun to work with Matt and see it coming together. Keep an eye out for the reveal post coming soon! Lots of lovely “after” pictures for inspiration!
      Have a lovely day,

  2. It turned out so lovely! Such a pleasant room to relax in. I love the green walls and the cheerful quilt. Reminds me of springtime.

    • Hey Annie,
      Thank you! You know first hand since being the first guest to stay there after it was finished! There definitely is a springy feel to the room. Thanks or stopping by and leaving a comment, have a lovely day!

    • Hello Mrs. Rasbeary,
      Glad you like it so far – I’m excited too! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.

  3. Rachel,
    Lovely room! I love seeing the things you and Matt do to make your house your HOME.
    Have a lovely day!

    • Good afternoon Miss Robin!
      Making a house you home is such a fun journey – as you know! Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping by.
      Have a lovely day,

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