Thrifted Cottage Fall Farmhouse Hutch ~ Decorate with Me!

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Rachel Stone

Hello everyone! As you know from the last couple posts I’ve been celebrating the season with fall décor. Today we’re decorating with the velvet pumpkins in this year’s fall farmhouse hutch! 

Since the hutch is dark then simple, white dishes seemed a great place to start. I knew I wanted to include the royal blue as well so I emptied the hutch, placed the largest white pieces, and “shopped” the house for items that might work.

The white platter seemed a bit large, plus I wanted to add a bit of a rustic feel so the narrow dough bowl seemed the perfect solution.

The long, narrow weathered dough bowl (thrifted for $2.32) fit top shelf perfectly and set off the white soup tureen (also thrifted). Next to the dough bowl some blue saucers added more color and symmetry.

With the tall blue and white vase, ginger jar, and antique tea kettle I pulled some blue to the top of the hutch. Next I added touches of fall color with some cotton picks and faux pumpkins from last year.

I loved the feel of this look, but really wanted to keep the color palette consistent and I knew the velvet pumpkins were in the making so…

Here’s the hutch with velvet pumpkins and that rich, deep spark of raspberry ~ love it!

I’m still amazed at finding those quaint little gravy boats at the thrift store and how perfectly they went with the color scheme! There are even touches of blue in the design!

Thank you for joining me in decorating the antique hutch for fall! I enjoy sharing these decorating and DIY adventures with you! 

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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

6 thoughts on “Thrifted Cottage Fall Farmhouse Hutch ~ Decorate with Me!”

  1. Such a great color combination! I think pairing blue and orange together for fall decorating is very elegant. Adding the raspberry makes it even better.

    • Hi there, Joanna!
      Working with a predetermined color palette made decorating much easier, plus it was nice to use decor items we already had. Glad you liked the palette, and thanks for stopping by!

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