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Cozy Cottage Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Looking for inspiration to decorate your home for the Christmas season? We will explore cottage Christmas decor ideas that can give your home a delightfully cozy feeling for the holidays. From homemade Christmas ornaments to a woodland decorated tree, please browse these 17 ideas for cottage Christmas decor.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments and Decor

#1 Frosted Pine Cone Ornaments

Frosted pine cone Christmas ornament

Our first Christmas decor DIY uses natural decor elements to create a perfect Cottage Christmas ornament. We gathered these pine cones on our vacation in the mountains this year. We used Heirloom White spray paint to “frost” them. After adding some velvet ribbon and a loop of fishing line with hot glue this classic ornament is ready for the tree.You could use different colors of glitter and ribbon to suit your color theme

#2 Candle in a mug Christmas gift

white teacup candle used for cottage Christmas decor

I enjoy melting down inexpensive, thrifted candles and pouring the wax into interesting containers. You could use vintage mugs or teacups to create a great cottage inspired Christmas gift for someone you love. I showed the process I use to make these in our cottage style patio makeover.

#3 Milkglass Votives

milk glass with votive candles

Milk glass is a perfect addition to your cottage Christmas decor. The creamy white color blends perfectly with the reds and greens traditionally used for Christmas decor. To really make your milk glass shine, add votive candles this year. The soft, glowing light is a magical addition to your cottage Christmas decor! These would make a wonderful centerpiece for a Christmas tea party.

#4 Rub-n-Buff Star Tree Topper

a wooden Christmas Tree topper diy

We found this simple wooden Christmas tree topper at Wal-Mart. By adding a little Rub-n Buff in Antique Gold the rustic, wooden star is transformed into an antique looking star that fits a vintage cottage look.

#5 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

The tutorial by Miss Mustard Seed (on her blog) shows how to make salt dough ornaments. They are a great traditional but unique DIY with a Scandinavian vibe.

Simple Christmas Dupes

Here are some great ideas to create inexpensive versions of your favorite high-end cottage Christmas decor.

#6 Sugared Fruit Wreath

Sugared fruit Christmas wreath

These sugared fruit wreaths can cost between $120 and $180 retail. We were able to construct this one from thrifted materials for $16. Keep an eye out for the elements that make up your favorite high-end Christmas decor throughout the year. You never know what you will be able to create!

#7 Rub-n-buff Sleigh Bells

sleigh bells hung from the front door welcome guests

These sleigh bells were found at the thrift store and were originally silver. I added some rub-n-buff to make them look antique. I then added the greenery, ribbon bow and pheasant feathers. This turned out looking like a high end door decoration for a fraction of the cost.

#8 Scandinavian Rocking Horse

Scandinavian rocking horse christmas decor

We found this rocking horse at a thrift sale over a year ago. It had a dark stain and heavy coat of lacquer. We wanted the more natural look of a Scandinavian rocking horse so we stripped off the finish and sanded to remove the stain. I gave the horse some snowflake reigns to make it more Christmassy. We also used this rocking horse in our Entryway Christmas table decor.

#9 Snowy Village – Pottery Barn Dupe

Christmas village decor

I love the charm of the little village houses that I saw at Pottery Barn, but I didn’t love the prices. I found a village house at the thrift store and with a little paint it looks like a more high-end piece.

#10 Amber Glass Ornament Dupe – McGee & Co.

Lucy at the blog had a wonderful idea for creating DIY amber glass ornaments. She gives a step by step tutorial on how to create these exquisite looking little ornaments.

Cozy Cottage Christmas Decor Ideas

#11 Christmas Tree In A Crate

small real christmas pine tree in a crate

The old-fashioned charm of this small Christmas tree in a wooden crate is charming. This style would fit well in either farmhouse or cottage style Christmas decor. Wooden crates are a versatile decor item for use year round. Be sure to keep an eye out for them when you go thrifting or antiquing!

#12 Drippy Candles

candles add a warm glow to this living room's christmas deor

I love the old-world charm of our vintage brass candle holders. Using candles creates a warm ambiance that is cozy and inviting. You could use red or any other color that matches your Christmas scheme.

#13 Sweets For Your Guests

milk glass with candy canes

We like to have some of our favorite sweets set out for guests, or to satisfy the occasional sweet tooth during the holiday season. It is a bonus to display the sweets in your favorite cottage style containers.

#14 Snowy Christmas Village

christmas village display

A snowy Christmas village is such a charming and traditional cottage Christmas decor staple. Here is where simplicity creates sophistication. Half a dozen small structures with a sprinkling of trees in between makes for a simple, yet whimsical addition.

Woodland Christmas Tree

#15 Natural Themed Christmas Ornaments

Acorn Christmas ornament

This glass acorn ornament compliments our woodland theme perfectly for the Christmas tree this year.

#16 Bird Christmas Ornaments

We use a variety of Bird Ornaments for our woodland themed Christmas tree. They look adorable nestled into the branches.

#17 Pine Cone Woodland Ornaments

pine cone ornaments for a woodland themed christmas tree

The pine cone ornaments we mentioned earlier are a perfect addition to the woodland tree. You can use DIY pine cones like these for a crafted look or just use plain pine cones for a more natural feel.

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