Budget-Friendly Ideas ~ Christmas Gift Basket Under $30!

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Rachel Stone

Hello friend!

Today will be packed with fun! I will be creating a budget friendly Christmas gift basket for my sister & thought I’d invite you to come along! I hope you find some great ideas for Christmas gift baskets for friends and family!

My sister recently remodeled her vintage looking country kitchen so I thought some kitchen home décor & storage would be in order. For this basket I’ll be going with a brown & blue color palette.

This antique looking crock immediately made me think of her, and it was discounted to $1.08! Can’t you just see this crock holding a fresh bouquet of cut flowers, small kitchen utensils, or pens on a desk?

One section I always frequent in the thrift store is the lighting section. Nothing seems to create that sense of homey welcome like the warm ambiance of lamp light.

Here I found a tiny pair of navy gold trimmed lamps. These were just darling! While I was in the store I browsed through the lampshades looking for a good fit. This was a bit like trying on hats!

Here were some of the options. I went with the pair of cream A-line shades. I can imagine these sweet little lamps tucked in a number of places! on top of the fridge, in the windowsills across the front of the house, in a bookshelf…

Here is everything! Some pieces I added from my stash as well. This will give her options for wall décor, storage, lighting, a couple textiles for decorating or projects, and some homemade cookies!

Since my sister lives out of state I will be shipping her basket in a large box. This means that there will be even more corners to tuck in a few more goodies…

I don’t know about you, but getting a package in the mail is such fun ~ so I tend to keep adding and adding goodies…! Speaking of goodies, the cute kitchen inspired chocolate tin inspired me to bake a batch of cookies to send along with the basket…

Homemade chocolate thumbprint cookies! Into the chocolate centers I pressed a salted almond for that sweet & salty flavor. I hope you enjoyed your visit today ~ I sure loved having you along! Until next time, take care.



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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

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  1. It was fun to watch the gift basket come together! Everything was so lovely. Your sister will have a special memory of receiving her Christmas gift basket.

    • Hi, Joanna!
      I’m glad you enjoyed watching the basket come together, it was fun to create. Have a lovely day!

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