Small Backyard DIY Projects

Good morning, friends! The lovely warm weather we are having has pulled us outdoors again… Today we have a few small backyard DIY projects to share. Like most of you, we have a small, ordinary suburban backyard that was rather… plain and sad. If you saw our recent DIY patio projects post ad video you … Read more

Why I love Antiques: Patina is Permission

We’ve all heard the word “patina” and if you love old things (and you’re reading this blog so you do) then you’ve seen things that have patina, or maybe even own them. Patina is simply wear over time. It is the way something ages. Copper and silver tarnish, fabric fades and becomes threadbare, cushions become … Read more

The English Rolled Arm Sofa

an english rolled arm sofa

Hello, friends! Today I’m extra excited to be sharing this post on the English rolled-arm sofa! As many of you know we remodeled our living room at the beginning of last year to reflect a more English country style. To the surprise (and chagrin) of many, we replaced the teal loveseat, but not the big … Read more

Think Big, Live Big

So… Matt & I were talking the other day about how to live well. The ideas behind this are fascinating and surprising. Living well can be defined in so many ways. In American culture, it can be defined by the things you own, your level of income, the amount of travel you’ve done (or can … Read more

Functional Luxury in Homemaking

Hello Friends! What is it that makes a home truly feel luxurious? This lovely spring weather has me re-evaluating the use and function of our home. I really enjoy projects like these! Not only do you get a fabulous result, but usually you can purge excess stuff and use/enjoy your home even more! The concept … Read more

Play with Your Home!

Many of us who have an abiding interest in this wonderful world of interior design began by “playing house.” We either played by holding imaginary roles as Mama & Dad with siblings, or friends, or we may’ve taken our imagination to our dollhouse. This was the case for me. I loved the dollhouse my Papal … Read more