Small Pantry Organization ~ Top 5 Easy Ideas

Hello friends!  Organizing a small pantry space can be quite a challenge. Does your pantry feel organized and easy to use? We knew that ours could use some work. I believe with a little creativity, we can make a wonderfully functional pantry space in a small area ~ And YOU can too! Today, I want … Read more

2022 Year Planning & Time Balance

Hello friend! Today is a different sort of visit. We are exploring thoughts and ideas for year planning in 2022. Join me in a “virtual” walk through the year as we discuss some broad ideas on time balance, efficiency, and working from your points of strength!    Morning is a secret time, for many people … Read more

Hosting a Classic Victorian Christmas Tea Party!

Hello friend! Don’t you just love all the warm, festive events around Christmas time?  Have you ever wondered, “How do I host a Christmas tea party?” Perhaps you would love to celebrate the special ladies in your life and just need a little inspiration from today’s Christmas Tea Party ideas. Join us as we host … Read more

Rosemary Orange Apricot Bread ~ Bake with Me!

Welcome to my kitchen, friend! This just seemed like the perfect day for baking. While we enjoy the last of summer’s bounty we are looking ahead to the cooler, crisp days of fall. Let’s gather some fresh, home-grown rosemary and bake a delicious loaf of Rosemary Apricot Orange bread! Sign up below to receive a … Read more