Budget Cottage Bedroom Remodel #3 ~ Wallpaper & Lighting!

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Rachel Stone

Hello friend!

As you know this is episode three in our bedroom remodel series ~ and one I’ve been especially excited to share with you! In this post you’ll see us install the lovely, worn looking English rose wallpaper. It was quite a step for me to branch out and use wallpaper, but I’m so glad I did! Below you can watch the video of us in action hanging wallpaper & installing lighting. 

If you are considering wallpaper for your home you will find ordering a sample very helpful. This will give you an accurate idea of the colors and how the design will work with the other elements you are considering for a space.

Here you see a spread of the wallpaper, bead-boards, crown molding, and paint chips. I love how these look together!

Let’s hang wallpaper! Since most walls aren’t square Matt uses his level to ensure the first sheet of wallpaper is perfectly straight. As each sheet is hung it lays right next to the one before, so it is important that the first sheet is straight!

One by one Matt & I hang each sheet until the wall is covered. In the original layout of this house there were a set of double French doors in the center of this wall. When the wall was closed up the sheetrock left a dome ~ which was challenging to smoothly lay wallpaper on!

What a dramatic transformation! Already this doesn’t look like the same room. This wallpaper gives such a calm, romantic English garden feeling. Along with the mushroom green/brown this is space already feels warm and welcoming.

These vintage inspired wall sconces add so much country cottage charm! Incorporating wall sconces for reading was a first for us and we are impressed. They are not only charming, but useful as well. I love the warm ambient glow they give off in the evening.

If you’re on the fence about wallpaper try a small space. We decided to paper only an accent wall above the wainscoting. So, really, only 3/4 of one wall… This was a great way to get our feet wet and now I want to wallpaper other spaces too!

Oh, this gorgeous ceiling rose! As we’d hoped this millwork perfectly covered the damaged ceiling, and framed the chandelier! The medallion looks as if it has always been there.

This dainty chandelier was hanging in an antique shop when I spotted her. We made an offer and brought her home as is. fortunately we didn’t have to do any rewiring. I simply replaced the mismatched bulbs and scorched, cracked candle covers. You can find links to the candle covers, wallpaper, and paint colors in the description box below the video. 

Using matching bulbs and new, hand dripped candle covers are small details that make such a big difference! This chandelier was just the right size for this room. She is small and dainty, accompanying the wallpaper and feel of the room without becoming the main focal point.

Thank you for coming along to day as we hung wallpaper and installed lighting! Now the stage is set for moving in the large pieces of furniture, and hanging an English cottage gallery wall! This is exactly what we’ll do in our next episode! Until next time,

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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.