What Does It Mean To

Create A Home From Our Hearts
With Our Hands?

The Stone Cottage Home Blog

If you are anything like me, you want to create a beautiful, inviting home for your family and friends to enjoy. You want to embrace a timeless, enduring design style that fits who you and your family are and what you love. This is exactly what I’ve been learning to do in my own home. Learning and sharing what I’ve learned are two ongoing passions of mine… which leads to why this blog exists. This blog has been created for you. My heart is to share with you those things I’ve learned (and am learning) as we cultivate the art of home ~ together.

A Home From Our Heart

Our homes should be a reflection of who we are. They should fit our situation and serve the needs of our family. I want to help you make a home that is an inviting retreat for your family. A home that meets your needs. A home that is a haven. We want all who enter our doors (yours & mine) to feel comfortable and at ease. Let’s create a place that nourishes relationships and restores us for the life we are called to live!

Made With Our Hands

We do not all have the ability (or sometimes the desire) to hire a designer and have our homes decorated all at once. For us, creating the home we envision has been a process. It has involved both time and effort. By creating the look we want with our own hands, as time and budget allow, we’ve watched a home develop that is a true reflection of how we live, the people in our lives, and our style taste. You, friend, can do this too!

Our Story

I grew up in the gorgeous wide open Texas countryside with my large family, vegetable gardens, my beloved cottage garden flower beds, & lots of animals. I’m dreaming of country living again some day!

I love the Lord Jesus Christ & marvel at the endless love & grace He pours on my life daily. I invited Him in my heart as a child, to cleanse me from my sin, & to become my Lord. From that day our relationship has grown ~ my selfishness & pride make this a slow process, but His faithfulness in molding me according to His perfect plan continues.

I’m so grateful for the ultimate sacrifice He made in giving His life for mine that I might live for Him now & with Him in eternity!

One very special birthday, after many years of waiting and praying for a husband, my best friend, Matt asked me to take a walk at sunset to my favorite hillside hay field. There he asked me to be his wife! Sunset remains a special time of day for us. 

In the summer of 2018 we bought our first little cottage~style home built in the 60’s & began our journey as homeowners! My heart’s desire in our home (wherever that ends up being) is to create, with the Lord’s help, a haven for our family. Someday, perhaps, a little stone cottage in the country may become more than a dream. For now we’re enjoying this season & fitting as much country living into this space as we can! No matter where you live, what your budget is, or what your skill set happens to be, every home ~ your home ~ can be a haven for you & your family.



Where Should You Start?

If you are new to my blog or to cottage style decorating, I would recommend you start with our article explaining What is Cottage Style?. This will be a primer that will help you understand the design aesthetic that inspires me. Another option is to check out our cottage style resource guide below.

Your Cottage Style Resource Guide

If you are looking for cottage style inspiration, hands on tutorials, or actual products to purchase for you own little cottage this resource guide includes (my favorite) design books, Etsy shops, home design blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts. Everything you need to know about cottage style is in our comprehensive Cottage Style Resource Guide!

If you are new to cottage style and not sure where to start a great place to begin is with our article on What is Cottage Style?