2022 Year Planning & Time Balance

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Rachel Stone

Hello friend!

Today is a different sort of visit. We are exploring thoughts and ideas for year planning in 2022. Join me in a “virtual” walk through the year as we discuss some broad ideas on time balance, efficiency, and working from your points of strength!   

Morning is a secret time, for many people it is a hidden gem. A time that can make all the difference in the world in the smoothness and efficiency, and effectiveness of your day. I love the quiet freshness of morning. Anne of Green Gables once said: “Morning is fresh, with no mistakes in it.” This is so true! Each day we are given a new beginning! Getting up early, or earlier, isn’t always easy and takes determination, but (I’m convinced) it is the single most powerful way to redeem your time. Morning is a time to set yourself in order. Time to get the wheels of the day going before the demands arrive.

This golden time can be discovered by anyone ~ anyone with intention & a little discipline.

This golden time is brief, calling for intention and efficiency. So it is with each year given. I see the cold, short months of January & February as the “morning” of our year. Perfect for setting self, home, finances, goals, & priorities in order.


To know where you will go, you must think of where you have gone, and how you have arrived where you are. Noting progress from the previous year builds momentum for the year to come, you are building on your strengths. Mornings are full of new beginnings, let’s reflect on the beginnings that have worked. 

Areas that need improvement from the year before bring opportunities for personal growth. Ask: “what didn’t work last year, how could I improve?”

Personal reflections on good beginnings:

  • Personal: Rising earlier has allowed for Bible reading, exercise, and getting properly dressed to meet the day.
  • Homemaking: Having set days for laundry each week has helped with the flow of homemaking. Having this decision made ahead of time gave me peace.
  • Business: By having the video calendar posted a week in advance helped me prepare in advance. I could either shop for the materials needed, or begin outlining the video.
  • Marriage: Having business & household meetings with Matt has helped me know how I could best serve him in our painting business, my homemaking, and it helped in keeping us on the same page financially.

Ask yourself: “what worked for me last year?”


Once you have identified areas that have been good beginnings from last year renew these beginnings with another layer of good beginnings.

Personal renewals from 2022:

  • Personal: This year I plan to get up even earlier, to allow more reading time and an earlier start to my work day. The direct benefit is an earlier end to the work day!
  • Homemaking: Having a set day for cleaning bathrooms. This decision will extend the peace of know tat this task will get done weekly and in perfect time for any spontaneous guests!
  • Business: I now have my video calendar posted a month in advance where I can get an overall feel of what needs to be done. Simply know which videos are in the works gives my great peace of mind!
  • Marriage: Matt & I now have the business and household meetings posted monthly on our calendars ~ so excited to be more regular with this one!

Ask yourself, friend : “what are my beginnings, where are my strengths?” I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.


We have reflected on where we’ve come from, we’ve renew those areas we want to repeat, now it’s time to reinforce these decisions. How to make them possible, easier. It is simple, really. Make those things that aren’t the best choice harder to do, and the best things readily accessible and more enjoyable.

There is wisdom in “beginning with the end in mind” as Steven Covey said. Ask your self: “What do I really want?” The answer is the “why” behind all that we do. Knowing your why will give you backbone when you’re tired. As our pastor, Jason Gaddis says: “Don’t trade what you want most for what you want now.” 



Personal reinforcements for 2022:

  • Personal: Cutting back on social media time. Limiting this always increased my creative thinking. To aid in this decision I have used the settings on my phone to go grey at a certain time in the evening. Pinterest & Instagram aren’t nearly as appealing where they are black & white! Also, I’ve placed the books I’ve mentioned next to me reading chair knowing that is where Matt & I spend our evenings.
  • Homemaking/Marriage: Using this “new” time to read books on time management, home décor, and marriage.
  • Business: Setting firm times/days when I’ll be working vs homemaking and the other important aspects to life. Also using the “new” time to read helpful books on business as well.

Whether we realize it or not we all do “morning”. All around us, especially this time of year, there are clutter free challenges on social media, stores are marketing their organizational products, and after the excess of the holiday season behind us we feel a need for mental, physical, and emotional, and spiritual peace & order. Morning is quiet, brief, and everyone gets one. What will you do with yours?

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Author: Rachel Stone
Rachel is passionate about creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family. She also loves to share the lessons she is learning with her wonderful audience both on this blog and her YouTube channel.

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      Thank you for stopping by to visit, I’m glad you found your visit helpful! Have a lovey, cozy day and wonderful new year!

  1. Thank you for showing up in my inbox today! I was so happy to receive this Rachel. I love the way you decorate, and I have the same beliefs regarding home-making. So ecstatic I found you!

    • Hello, Miss Lina!
      Well, I’m thrilled to have found you as well ~ it’s a joy to share with others who appreciate homemaking!

  2. I look forward to your videos! I love your mindset of homemaking as an art and I also love your English style of cozy home. It is so refreshing to know there are young women like yourself who are out there reaching out to nurture the home and family. I wish you much success!

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      It makes me happy to hear you resonate with the art of homemaking! Thank you for your kind, encouraging words and for joining me here on my blog. I’m excited to share more in the year ahead!

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