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Your Cottage Style Resource Guide

If you are looking for cottage style inspiration, hands on tutorials, or actual products to purchase for your own little cottage this resource guide includes (my favorite) design books, Etsy shops, home design blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts. Everything you need to know about cottage style is in our comprehensive Cottage Style Resource Guide!

If you are new to cottage style and not sure where to start a great place to begin is with our article on What is Cottage Style.

Learn More of Our Story

Hi, We’re Rachel and Matt. We love creating a home together that is a relaxing retreat for our family and friends, that uses the best elements of Old World style and most importantly, that honors our Lord.

This Stone Cottage Home blog was created as a place where we share what we’ve learned (and are learning) to help you create the home your family will love. We will share:

  • Practical Home Decor Tips
  • Lessons From Our Remodeling Adventures
  • Affordable Cottage Style DIY Projects.

If you’d like to hear how we got started and where we’re headed click the link below & welcome!

Shop Cottage Style: Etsy Shop

If you are looking for cottage style decor, artwork, dishes, or other treasures, visit the new Stone Cottage Home Etsy Shop! I will continue to add new items I find on my thrift and antique store treasure hunts. Make sure to watch the channel for announcements when new items can be found in the shop.

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